About PSS

Through a variety of specialized consulting services, Pittsburgh Simulation Strategies, Inc. supports organizations and companies engaged in the creation and improvement of training programs, facilities, and technologies focused on simulation-based healthcare education.   Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the firm is led by three principals who are known internationally for their expertise in medical training using simulators, performance measurement, information and simulation technology, and educational, healthcare, and hospital operations.

CONSULTING SERVICES:  PSS offers customized, results-oriented professional services in these areas: 


  1. Training:  Development of new simulation training programs; assessment of existing programs; curricula and professional development for faculty and instructors; options for enhancing training with targeted simulation activities.
  2. Facilities:  Design and development of new facilities, or enhancement or expansion of existing facilities.
  3. Stakeholder outcomes:  Problem solving and independent input on using simulation and IT to improve performance.
  4. Industry advisement: Experience-led analysis relevant to the latest simulation training, technology, and research.


EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE: Each member of the PSS team has direct, working knowledge of hospital system simulation training centers, in addition to experience advising universities and governments (including the U.S. Army Department of Combat Medic Training and various Pacific and European countries).  PSS principals are widely published in the literature on simulation-based medical training and are featured speakers at international conferences.  Their professional leadership and networks allow them to tap the expertise and capabilities of colleagues in medicine, nursing, and health technology from around the world on behalf of clients. 

PSS services cover all aspects of medical simulation-based training for learners as diverse as medical students and residents; Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics; and private and hospital doctors, nurses, and specialists such as anesthesiologists.  PSS consulting integrates considerations related to personnel, curricula, performance measurement, instructional technology, analytics, facility design, and institutional frameworks. PSS strategies allow organizations to track performance individually and across units to maximize training effectiveness.

Whether your organization is just starting a simulation-based training program or looking to upgrade or expand an existing program, the team at PSS can assist with every step of the process.